Substandard Risk

Case Study


One client, a lawyer with a minor medical ailment, tested negative for any possible underlying medical conditions. His insurer, however, would only provide life insurance at a higher rate. “Given that all known potential underlying conditions had been ruled out,” he says, “there was no medical basis whatsoever to put me at higher risk for life insurance.”


“Lois’ reaction was very gratifying,” he says. “She was infuriated, and in a strange way, delighted.” Delighted, he says, because “she enjoys a good fight, and she’s going to do what it takes to win. Not only does she know her products and her clients, she is an absolutely dedicated fighter when needed,” he says. “And in my case, that’s what I needed.


“Lois knew exactly what we needed to do to appeal the decision, whom to appeal it to, and what was the best and most efficient way to get the decision reversed. – and that was exactly what happened.”

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