A Matter Of Trust

Building personal connections in a virtual world

Just like the legal industry we serve, insurance is a business based on earning our clients’ trust. Often the key to fostering trust lies in building personal relationships with clients to understand their unique needs and concerns about protecting their families, practices, and assets. It may be old-fashioned in today’s high-tech world, but there’s no better way to serve clients than by getting to know them face-to-face.

Adapting to the virtual reality of the COVID-era business environment hasn’t been easy, but adapt we all must. If anything, replacing face-to-face contact with phone calls, emails, and video conferencing has made our team at Lois Warren & Associates more committed than ever to building personal connections with every practice we serve.

Whether we’re talking about life insurance and estate planning, critical illness, disability insurance, or long-term care coverage, trust is paramount. First of all, clients must have confidence that we are providing them with the best service, the best product options, and the best solutions tailored to their specific needs. Secondly, they have to feel comfortable with disclosing very detailed, very personal information about their legal practice, their family situation, and their health history. It’s a very special relationship built entirely on mutual trust and understanding, and our team really excels in fostering that dynamic.

Over the past year we have worked hard to maintain that level of bespoke service by connecting with prospective clients and current customers however they feel most comfortable. Some prefer to connect via Zoom or FaceTime, while others feel less pressure chatting by phone, without the need to worry about how they look, what’s happening in the background, etc.

Change for the better

Not all the changes brought about by the pandemic have been negative; in some ways we are actually able to serve our clients better now. In the past, the process of applying for life insurance could be quite invasive. A nurse would have to come to your house to take a detailed health history, take your blood pressure, draw blood and urine. Now the rules have been relaxed for most people. There is no need to allow a stranger into your home or office. If you are in the 18 to 50 age category and have a straightforward health history, we can issue a life insurance policy for up to $3 million dollars in coverage without initial medicals. Non-smokers in the 51 to 60 age range may qualify for up to $1 million in coverage without an initial medical. Critical illness policies can now be underwritten for up to $250,000 in coverage and disability insurance policies that can pay up to $6000 in tax-free monthly payments are now both available without a medical. That’s a definite plus for our clientele.

The ability to operate digitally has streamlined how policies are processed as well. In the past we required a live witness who had an arms-length relationship with the applicant, and an authentic, pen and ink signature was required. Due to COVID, the industry has relaxed those requirements and embraced secure e-signature technology like Docusign. In short, advances in technology have accelerated the underwriting process, making issuing a policy faster and more convenient. Shorter turnaround times ultimately help us serve our busy clients even better.

How can we help your practice?

Whether you’re in the market for new coverage or simply have a question about insurance options, please give us a call to discuss solutions tailored to you and your legal practice.